The Poor Knights Islands
Our first dive at Trev’s Rock.

Knight Diver entering Rikoriko Cave .
Looking out from inside Rikoriko Cave.
The cave is renown for its amazing acoustics Twenty years ago TVNZ Wild South were filming “Deep Blue” and Herbs played their music inside the cave.
Wade Doak had submerged audio mikes in the water transmitting live sound, and dolphins entered the cave and swam to the music.
Neil Finn performed uncut in this natural auditorium.
The latest live performance was an electronic band called Pitch Black who performed for the Minister of Conservation during 2003 Sea Week. There were 10 boats inside the cave with over 100 people, in the water, and under the water.
Gregorian Chants, Maori haka challenges, opera singers, Swiss yodellers, Irish folk singers, and didgeridoo players too! All have made impromptu performances inside this cave.
The under water life out at the Poor Knights is very lush and the kelp is deeply forested. Inside the cave however, there is no kelp growing at all. The seascape is very stark and moon like.

Our second dive at Bernies Cave. Adjacent to the Middle Arch. There is an air bubble at the back of the cave. You can surface at a depth of 6 meters and say hi to your buddy – an amazing experience.
Mark taking the plunge.

Lots of fish life, at the Poor Knights Islands.

Diving at Bernies Cave
Sheelagh say’s Hi!
Mark surfacing from his dive.
Diving at the Poor Knights Islands