In Whangarei Heads there are a few great diving spots. If you are looking to dive for crayfish try Peach Cove or Ocean Beach (Kauri Mountain Road entrance).

Peach Cove and Old Woman Point, accessible by boat only; is a great place to go diving. When the conditions are right visibility is around 70ft. It has lots of marine life; we have in the past dived here with stingrays, octopus, moray eels, kingfish and even killer whales (Orca’s). There are also many cavins containing crays here, make sure you take a underwater touch with you.

Kauri Mountain Beach is more difficult is access, as you have to carry the dive gear down the short steep track. The current can be strong here; however it’s worth diving as there are many crayfish and kina here. Diving here is not good if its blowing an easterly. Here are some of our photos from diving at Kauri Mountain Beach.

Cooking our catch on the BBQ.

Smugglers Cove a good place to dive for scallops when in season and crayfish in the southern and northern end of the beach.

Urquharts Bay and Taurikura – a great spot for diving for scallops as you can dive from the shore or by boat. There has also been several occasions where dolphins have been swimming in the bay here.
Hen and Chicks and Sail Rock. These Islands are located aprox 14km from the northland coast of New Zealand. This is well worth a visit, the visability can sometimes be nearly equal to that of the Poor Knights on the right day. There are plenty of spots here that contain crays and plenty of fish life.There is also a Whangarei Heads Marine Reserve around an island off Reotahi (Passage Island or Motukaroro Island). The marine reserve was set-up in October 2006.

Diving in Whangarei Heads