Climbing Mt Manaia takes about 1 hr 30 min to climb to the summit or 2 – 3 hr return climb to the carpark. This time frame is for average fitness, for those who wish to run up, it takes about 1 hr return trip.
It is a enjoyable walk as the track leads you through regenerating native bush. The walk starts with a steady climb, and as the gradient gets steeper, the views get more spectacular with the Bluff lookout offering great views of Bream Head and the Hen and Chicken Islands.

About half-way to the top the track leads you past an impressive stand of large tree ferns; their shed fonds are creating interesting displays in the forest understory.
A climb right to the very top is only for those with a strong head for heights; but once there and even on the upper slopes, the view is as good as being in an aeroplane. The summit of Mount Manaia, 403 metres above sea level.

We climbed Mt Manaia on a cloudy day, so you can image how the photos would look like if it was a clear day.

Views of Reotahi, Taurikura & Urquharts Bay

Views of Reotahi & Urquharts Bay

View of Mt Aubrey
View of Mt Aubrey
How to get to Mt Manaia.
Mt Manaia is located at Taurikura Bay, Whangarei Heads. The track begins just above Manaia Club’s lower car park – 2145 Whangarei Heads Road, where you can park you car.
Climbing Mt Manaia

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